Playing with Fire

Who doesn’t love fire? It’s impossible not to be mesmerized by it. I had no prior knowledge of shooting fire but I love the way these came out. All you need is a dark background, lighter fluid (or rubbing alcohol), a piece of glass (I used an old picture frame glass), paper (I used a crumpled up piece of paper), flowers or whatever you are lighting on fire. I didn’t use a flash, just the modeling light. Hope you enjoy and feel free to share your ideas for shooting fire!






6 replies to “Playing with Fire

  1. hi! these are really cool photos… how did you get the idea to take pictures of burning flowers?

    And, did you try to capture shadows, that the fire throws on the ground or the wall, while burning down the flower?
    I mean, you probably need another background for it, but I think that would maybe look cool as well…

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