Here’s to winning half the battle! Top 5 New Years Resolutions: Exercise more, lose weight, Get organized, Learn a new hobby or skill, Spend Less.  Ha ha.   

12 responses to “Resolutions?”

  1. yuulye Avatar

    I have postponed exercise since a long time ago, haha

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  2. brokenpassion Avatar

    You sure you gon keep it up the whole year?🤣

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    1. L Young Avatar

      I think I will Rodney. Salads + cake. 🙂

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      1. Rodney Avatar

        Then you are my inspiration 🤗


  3. K E Garland Avatar

    If the veggies in my life looked this vibrant, I’d have not problem eating them with every meal 😉

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    1. L Young Avatar

      Thanks Andreas

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  4. Kurian Avatar

    Yes, avoid processed food

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  5. vietnamtravelandculture Avatar

    Reblogged this on Vietnam Travel & Trade Portal.

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      1. vietnamtravelandculture Avatar

        Thank you!

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