The warm colors of a setting sun is guaranteed to enchant us. Like love, it leaves one breathless with appreciation for mother nature as we savor every last bit of it’s beauty. I’m glad I took this sunset home with me the other day. I have since added it to my collection.

9 responses to “Glen Island Sunset”

  1. Away In Autumn Avatar

    Thanks for reminding me how beautiful life is.

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    1. L Young Avatar

      Thanks you so much!

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  2. Siya Avatar

    Wow amazingly awesome blog.. following do follow back please

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  3. 🌺 Smile 🌺 Avatar

    Beautiful . Thank you for your visit to my blog and many likes. I appreciate your time and smiles. Cheers

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  4. eliza rudolf Avatar

    Wow… 😮😮😮

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  5. Christy B Avatar

    Stunning! I found you on Twitter too 🙂

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    1. L Young Avatar

      Thanks but I don’t have Twitter


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