Yesterday I took a walk in the softening sunlight and the sights and sounds of fall stirred my soul. Whether you call it fall or autumn, there is no doubt that this is a beautiful time to be in New York. But today is the opposite of yesterday, so cold and windy reminding us that tomorrow the snow is coming. Aww… the leaves are dying but come spring the earth will re-beautify itself once again.

10 responses to “Fall Is Beautiful Collection”

  1. Sherry Felix Avatar

    I hope the snow doesn’t break branches. It can if the trees still have leaves. Love your pics.

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    1. L Young Avatar

      Thanks sherry but yes I think a few will break.


  2. Simon Avatar

    It’s too early for snow. Why is it called fall?


  3. quercuscommunity Avatar

    Lovely colours, no matter what you call the season.

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  4. Barbara Lane Avatar

    Beautiful pictures!

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  5. RoseMarie Avatar

    Oh Wow! Beautiful images😊

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    1. L Young Avatar

      Thanks so much!

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      1. RoseMarie Avatar

        You’re welcome!

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  6. Equipping Avatar

    Thanks for your like of my post, “Israel 3 – The Oppression Of God’s Chosen People – Exodus 1 ;” your kindness is greatly appreciated.

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  7. America On Coffee Avatar

    It would be better if we were to optimize … 😅


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