The other day I ventured next door and took these of my neighbor’s “cherry blossoms” or should I say  plum blossoms. The warm sun on my face as I hold my camera up to the sky an almost euphoric feeling after days of being inside. This tree is actually a plum tree which bears sweet, juicy, red plums every summer. I know this because I enjoy them more than anyone else in the neighborhood because the house has been vacant for some time and I frequent that yard as it is attached to mine. Normally this time of the year I am getting ready to photograph the Cherry Blossoms and Magnolias at the New York Botanical Garden and I am sure at this moment they are getting ready to spring to life but unfortunately because of the Covid 19 virus everyone is missing out this year. Let us hope though that like the temporary nature of these blooms so too is this sickness and we can all go back to enjoying life.

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