Landscape Photography in winter is not my favorite time to shoot but once you’re brave enough to get out and you hear that first crunch of snow under you boot in these blanketed white locations, well let’s just say. It’s magical!

These images were shot on the Bronx River Parkway trails on a day after I had dropped the kids off at school. I don’t know what I was thinking but I sure am glad I went out. My fingers were frozen and my nose red and cold but I love the blue of the water and sky against the stark white of the snow. Hope you enjoy!

2 responses to “Winter Photography Collections”

  1. ramnayak Avatar

    Can you please teach me photo graphy


    1. Lisa Young Avatar

      What kind of Photography are you interested in? I am not a photography teacher but you can follow on my YouTube if you want to see more of my photography.


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