Spring Photography Ideas

Its finally spring! One of the first things that we notice about springtime is the newness of everything. There are new leaves, new flowers, and all-new colors! The other thing that we notice is how quickly each day moves past us as if they were not enough hours in the day. There are many photo opportunities in a photographer’s life during the spring season. The best time to get out and take photographs is during sunrise or sunset when there isn’t too much light pollution to ruin your shot!

From blooming flowers and budding trees, to the bright blue skies and soft morning dew, spring is an amazing season of beauty that can easily be captured with a creative eye. Here are some creative spring photography ideas to help you capture the season in all its glory.

1. Capture the Bright Colors and Soft Light of Golden Hour . “Golden hour is the period of time around sunset and sunrise when the sun’s lower-angle rays are warmest, creating a beautiful orange glow.” It’s best to photograph during golden hour when the sun’s lower light creates an orange glow.

2. Macro shots – Get creative with your macro shots and focus on the tiny details in nature that often go unnoticed. From individual petals, to a single drop of dew on a blade of grass, there are so many creative opportunities for creative macro photography during springtime.

3. Take Advantage of Reflections on Water to Create Unique Shots. Reflections are one of the easiest ways to create unique shots. In general, reflections are more interesting when there is something else in the photo other than water. For example, take a reflection of a tree branch in shallow water.

4. Create unique perspectives – Try out some creative angles by lying down or getting up high for a different perspective. Look for creative foregrounds like flowers or trees to create a vibrant and textured backdrop to your shots.

5. Sunrise and sunset – Capture the beautiful colors of sunrise and sunset during springtime. Experiment with different exposures, shutter speeds, and ISO levels to get creative and capture the most amazing colors of the sky.

Let your creative juices flow and get creative this spring! With these creative spring photography ideas, you’ll be sure to take stunning photos of the season that will last a lifetime.

Wildflowers in Spring

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  1. Great images!
    Happy first day of Spring! ❤️🌸

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  2. There’s some truly beautiful things to capture in Spring that never get old.

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