Almost time for Cherry Blossoms.

Cherry blossoms and the trees that bear them symbolize the arrival of springtime but to most of us they represent beauty, happiness and new life. These blossoms offer a multitude of opportunities for stunning photographs and breathtaking vistas. They’re also great for novice photographers, providing the perfect opportunity to document their travels.

How exactly how did these trees get their name? They were named for the cherry tree, Prunus serotina, which is native to Japan. Cherry trees in Japan bloom during March and April, which is when they are also in full bloom. They are also very significant in Japanese culture and history. The Japanese Cherry blossom, also known as the Kanro, is one of the most notable in Japan. It is commonly found in traditional Japanese gardens and homes.

New York City is home to tens of thousands of cherry trees, so there are tons of places to see them. My favorite is the New York Batanical Garden but of course there are other greats spots for cherry blossoms such as Brooklyn Botanic Garden: Located in Prospect Park, this garden is a great place for a peaceful nature retreat. The park is bordered by Cherry Hill; you can take a walk around the gardens on Saturday or Sunday and see all the blooming trees. It’s also close enough that you don’t have to go too far if you’re hungry.

Cherry blossom season in NYC is a time when the sunlight shines through the trees and leaves them with a beautiful vibrant pink and white. To get you guys in the mood, here are some of the ones I took a few years ago. The beauty and color of these flowers create a sense of peace, calmness and warmth during this time of year. I hope you enjoy!

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