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Gazebo’s in snow.

Larchmont Manor Park is famous for it's beautiful gazebo's, stone paths and benches along the water. It had just snowed the night before I took these and pretty much deserted except for a few dog walkers. So beautiful and still!    

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Winter Wonderland

After an easy winter mother nature decides it time to let us "have it". I woke up to this beautiful snow scene today in New York. Who's worried about these winter storms approaching tomorrow and Sunday? Not me! When it snows, get out and make pictures!



Some notifications just makes your day! Today WordPress notified me that I had 500 followers! Wow! It's truly amazing as most of you are people that I haven't met but offered amazing encouragement and support on my photography. It is indeed an honor to be in this community with you guys! I first started this… Continue reading 500 Followers!


Happy New Year 2019

What a beautiful day today turned out to be! Sunny with blue skies. Almost 60 degrees here in New York. Happy New Year to all of you my word press friends and family. I want to wish you guys a happy & healthy new year filled with as much sunshine as today was! Keep shooting… Continue reading Happy New Year 2019

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Why do we fall instead of autumn?

Yesterday I took a walk in the softening sunlight and the sights and sounds of fall stirred my soul. Whether you call it fall or autumn, there is no doubt that this is a beautiful time to be in New York. But today is the opposite of yesterday, so cold and windy reminding us that… Continue reading Why do we fall instead of autumn?