Little House The Water

Many times in the past when visiting Glen Island I have come to stare at this little house in the water. I always wonder if it is a part of the park or does someone actually live there. I imagine if someone is living in it, what must it feel like to live on the... Continue Reading →

There is an interesting story linked to these old castles found on Glen Island Harbor Park in New Rochelle. These structures were actually a theme park in 1881 and called Starin's Glen Island but closed after a fire killed a thousand people and the death of the owner followed shortly. Today this is all that... Continue Reading →

New York Moments -Times Square

Times Square. You can hug your favorite cartoon character for five bucks, say hi to the naked cowboy or even sing along with a gospel choir for free. The "Ball" is a prominent part of New Years Eve's celebrations and this is where it all happens. When visiting NYC this is  as New York as it... Continue Reading →


Finally took a trip to visit my sister in Indianapolis. Didn't really get a chance to do much photography but caught a quick  view from the 28th floor of the City County Building Downtown Indiana. Enjoy!    

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