Spring is finally here! Actually, it came a few days ago and what a beautiful day today  is here in New York! All the snow is gone and everything is fresh, not exactly green yet but warm, almost 50 degrees. Spring is a time of re-birth, of re-emergence, a promise of warmer weather to come. A time to cast off that oppressive winter cloak. Flowers and trees have started budding and will be in bloom soon. The birds are singing and building nests and I will be snapping away to get some great photography. In the meantime here are some gorgeous orchids from the New York Botanical Garden’s 17th annual Orchid Show. This year’s theme is Singapore, “A City In A Garden” with thousands of orchids climbing toward the sky. Stay tuned for more in my next blog.



Purple Hybrid Orchds
Purple Hybrid Orchids

5 responses to “Spring 2019”

  1. Success Inspirers' World Avatar

    Beautiful painting of the season. Well done!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. L Young Avatar

      Thanks Ken!


    1. L Young Avatar

      Thanks so much Ted.


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