Monochrome Mondays #5774

I have been meaning to post some photography for a while now and I find myself procrastinating and just not feeling up to the task lately.  Personally I have a lot going on in my life but that has never stopped me from taking pictures. It just seemed like the creative well was dried up and the juices weren’t flowing but today something happened and inspiration found me again in the simplest place, my overgrown yard. So today’s photo comes to you courtesy of the dandelions that we have tried so hard to get rid of. Weeds like life may not be the flowers you intended to have but they can still be a part of the garden and be very beautiful!



3 replies to “Monochrome Mondays #5774

  1. I don’t try to get rid on dandelions anymore. They are so photogenic and irresistible. I have so many photos of dandelions, yet I always do more photographs of them.

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